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Dubicz wines


Dubicz Winery and Vineyard is a wine cellar with 110-year history and 123 hectares of own vineyard, that focuses mainly on white wines. Combining the great conditions of Mátra Wine Region with the latest technology they offer reductive white wines with high content and full-bodied wine specialities fermented and aged in barrels beside their fresh, aromatic and light wines with excellent value for money.

Zsizsi Frizzante

Champagne / Sparkling wine

Cricova CRISECCO 2021, MD
18 RON / 150ml

White Wine

Dubicz Mátrai Irsai Olivér 2021, HU
18 RON/ 150ml
Tokaji: Hétszőlő Furmint 2011, HU
26 RON/ 150ml
Polgár: Chardonnay Barrique, 2015, HU
22 RON/ 150ml



Dubicz: Mátrai Kékfrankos Rosé, 2021, HU
18 RON/ 150ml
Mesta: Tempranillo Rosé, 2020, ES
22 RON/ 150ml
Bolyki: Egri Rosé,2021, HU
20 RON/ 150ml
Kékfrankos Rose


Red Wine

Dubicz: Kékfrankos-Cabernet franc, 2020, HU
18 RON/ 150ml
Bolyki: Cabernet Franc, 2017, HU
26 RON/ 150ml
Catleya: Perfect Simplu, Fetească Neagră, 2019, RO
32 RON/ 150ml
Dubicz: Muscat Ottonel, 2020, HU
22 RON/ 150ml
Medium Sweet
Dubicz: 1014 Selection, HU
26 RON/ 150ml
Muscat Ottonel, Sweet, 2018
Dubicz: Cabernet Franc, 2018, HU
22 RON/ 150ml
Medium Sweet

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