Prepared with passion

"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are"

Brillat Svarin


Taste of Gado 48 Ron
traditional matured ham, artisanal salami, and cheese selection - 300 gr

Fried tomato bites 32 Ron
fried tomato with garlic, pesto, and toast - 220 gr


Egg sandwich 19 Ron
with Trappist cheese, crunchy lettuce, and sweet chili sauce - 120 gr

Egg roll with ham 25 Ron
with Trappist cheese, pickles, and toast - 180 gr

Bacon & Eggs 25 Ron
bacon and fried eggs, cherry tomatoes and toast - 180 gr


Vegetable cream soup 17 Ron
with ginger and seeds - 250 ml

Soup of the week 19 Ron
surprise - 250 ml

Sandwiches and wraps

Smokey burger 34 Ron
beef, trappist cheese, pickles, fried onion, burger sauce + golden potatoes and mayonnaise - 400 g

GADO burger 38 Ron
beef, venison, pickles, lettuce, grilled cheddar, mayonnaise + golden potatoes and spicy sauce - 400 g

Beef sandwich 34 Ron
cured beef sirloin, honey, mustard, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, horseradish + fries and cheddar sauce - 350 g

Vegetarian burger 32 Ron
grilled camembert, zucchini, lettuce, pear, balsamic vinegar, honey + potato wedges and mayonnaise - 400 g

Grilled chicken breast sandwich 32 Ron
chicken breast, salad mix, fried onion, mayonnaise, Trappist cheese, cherry tomatoes + fries and mayonnaise - 350 g

Vegetable tortilla 34 Ron
grilled mushrooms, green pepper, zucchini, corn, Trappist cheese, fried onion, sauce with herbs, mayonnaise + fries and mayonnaise - 450 g

Chicken breast wrap 35 Ron
chicken breast in corn flakes, sauce with herbs, cheddar, cherry tomatoes, lettuce + fries and mayonnaise - 450 g

Premium duck liver burger Gado 68 Ron
patty, grilled duck liver, camembert, apple and wine jam, walnuts, arugula, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise + golden potatoes and cheddar sauce - 420 g

BBQ tortilla 32 Ron
grilled chicken breast, green pepper, zucchini, corn, Trappist cheese, fried onion, BBQ sauce + fries and sweet chili - 400 g


Chicken strips with seeds 32 Ron
chicken breast strips, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, seeds, arugula, iceberg lettuce + sweet chili sauce and parmesan - 250 g

Camembert with walnuts 34 Ron
grilled camembert, iceberg lettuce, walnuts, pear, balsamic vinegar - 180 g

Beef sirloin salad 38 Ron
beef sirloin, cherry tomatoes, gouda cheese, olive oil, pepper, seeds - 250 g

Wrap salad 34 Ron
cherry tomatoes, chicken breast in corn flakes, salad mix, green garlic dressing, flatbread - 380 g

Smoked duck breast salad 38 Ron
matured duck breast, arugula, pear, honey-mustard dressing, parmesan, balsamic reduction - 250 g


Bacon tagliatelle 32 Ron
bacon, green pepper, cooking cream, egg, parmesan - 300 g

Truffles tagliatelle 32 Ron
champignon mushrooms, egg, parmesan, cooking cream, truffle - 250 g

Rice noodles with pesto 38 Ron
tomatoes, garlic, basil - 250 g

Main courses

Beef steak 23 Ron/100 g
Argentine beef sirloin matured for 30 days + potato wedges, lettuce and green pepper sauce

Beef sirloin with mushrooms58 Ron
vegetable noodles - 350 gr

Chicken breast steak 34 Ron
with golden potatoes and salad mix with sweet chili sauce - 450 gr

Torpedo shrimp 38 Ron
fried in panko breadcrumbs with sweet chili sauce + golden potatoes and salad - 350 gr

BBQ ribs 15 Ron/100 g
with potato wedges, salad, and BBQ sauce ~ 350 gr


Pancakes with hazelnut spread 21 Ron
American pancakes with hazelnut spread and walnuts - 200 g

Gado pancake 2.0 21 Ron
american pancake / raspberry / honey / fried almonds - 200 g

Desert of the week 17 Ron
creativity and simplicity - 85 g

Tender taste coffee