Tender taste & aroma

"Water is the most essential element of life because without water you cant make a coffee."

Karen Salmansohn


Espresso7 Ron
35 ml

Grande Espresso 8 Ron
75 ml


Cappuccino 9 Ron
120 ml

French Salted Caramel Latte12 Ron
salted caramel syrup, milk cream, coffee ... 400 ml

Sweet Cinnamon Latte 12 Ron
vanilla syrup, cinnamon, milk cream, coffee ... 300 ml

Double-Nut Latte 12 Ron
walnuts, hazelnut syrup, milk cream, coffee ... 300 ml

Caffe Latte11 Ron
250 ml

Latte Macchiato12 Ron
250 ml

Tiramisu Latte12 Ron
vanilla syrup, rum syrup, cocoa, milk cream, coffee ... 300 ml

Espresso Tonic12 Ron
ginger syrup, tonic, lime, ice ... 150 ml

Ice Latte12 Ron
250 ml

Mandulatej Latte 14 Ron
almond milk, coffee ... 300 ml

GADO Laette 14 Ron
bitter chocolate tartufo, milk cream, coffee ... 280 ml

Dark-Chili Cappucino 10 Ron
180 ml

Coconut Ice Latte 14 Ron
250 ml

Artisanal hot chocolate 16 Ron
chocolate, cocoa, sugar, milk, marshmallows ... 250 ml

Demmers Teahouse9 Ron
Wild berry, Nana mint, Earl Grey, Green Jasmin ... 200 ml

BIO Tea12 Ron
fresh fruit and leaves ... 300 ml


Aperol Spritz 24 Ron
Aperol, prosecco, sparkling water, orange ... 300 ml

Mojito 25 Ron
white rum, brown sugar, lime, mint, sparkling water ... 300 ml

Amerie Spritz28 Ron
raspberry liqueur, prosecco, lime, mint, sparkling water ... 300 ml

Hugo24 Ron
prosecco, artisanal GADO elderberry syrup, mint, lime, sparkling water ... 370 ml

Old Fashioned „Woodford Reserve”48 Ron
Woodford bourbon, Angostura bitter, brown sugar cubes, ice sphere, orange zest ... 100 ml

Negroni „Malfy Con Arancia”34 Ron
Campari bitter liquor, Antica Formula 1786, red vermouth, Malfy Con Arancia, blood orange gin, Angostura orange bitter, orange zest ... 110 ml

Margarita „Don Julio”28 Ron
Don Julio Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, lime juice and lime sugar ... 100 ml

Cosmopolitan „Ketel One”26 Ron
Ketel One vodka, Cointreau orange liquor, lime juice, small cranberry juice, orange zest ... 120 ml

Moscow Mule „Beluga”32 Ron
Russian Beluga vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, ginger, mint ... 180 ml

Pina Colada „Plantation”29 Ron
Plantation Pineapple rum, fresh pineapple, coconut liquor, maraschino cherry ... 160 ml

Pornstar Martini „Cîroc”34 Ron
Cîroc French grape vodka, passion fruit, lime juice, caramelized brown sugar syrup, grapes ... 120 ml

Penicillin „Oban”38 Ron
Oban Highland Single Malt whisky, lemon juice, artisanal GADO elderberry syrup, ice sphere, candied ginger ... 110 ml